Unique Benefits of Home Staging in North York, Ontario

Home staging has become an important part of home selling. There is never a second chance to make first impressions. When considering your home, a buyer may take around 15 seconds to make a decision. Therefore, you should never leave the first impression to chance. How you first present your home to potential buyers will determine your likelihood of making a sale. Professional home staging could significantly add the perceived value of your home and make buyers willing to pay a higher price. If you are in North York, Ontario, Sort it Stage it can help to bring out the good in your home through our professional home staging services. Sort It Stage It offers numerous services like personal organization, home organization, senior moving and organizing, and decluttering among others.   


Our experts will stage your home with a particular emphasis on the space, the functionality, and other unique features of your house to the prospective buyers. Prospective buyers will be able to envision themselves in your home. Our staging services will give the buyers the impression that your home is cleaner, brighter, and larger. At Sort it Stage, we use a neutral palette to stage homes to ensure that the homes are appealing to a broad range of potential buyers.  


Professional home staging can help to wipe away or erase the negatives in your home. Staging distracts prospective buyers, taking their attention away from the imperfections that your home may have. 


Typically, staged homes spend half the time on the market as compared to the non-staged homes. Studies indicate that the longer a home stays in the market, the more the price of the home continues to drop. By spending less time on the market, staged homes tend to sell at a more attractive price.  


Are you seeking to sell your existing home and move to another home? Sort it Stage it will not just assist you in staging the old home but also in settling in the new home and organizing it.